Hermès in flight

Hermès is taking on the biggest luxury item of all, Time.

Since its origin, Hermès has maintained a close connection with art and culture, developing numerous artistic projects with contemporary artists and new talent. As a result, each year the House of Hermès chooses a theme that is infuse throughout the brand. This year, the House that is known as the ultimate symbol for exclusivity, luxury and elegance, explores The Gift of Time.

The exhibition explores “concepts like transience of nature and the relationship between time and space through the figure of the swallow, its flight and its suspension, dreamlike in the air.” The delicate swirl of swallows arising from inside a bag, the symbol of feminine essence, and their flight through the store, gives the project a poetic metaphor and mythical essence with a feel of liberation.

For the first time Hermès has entrusted a Spanish Artist, Pamen Pereira, with the task of producing the art installation. His ability to make the viewer reflect on nature, its value and  the meaning “now”, made him the prefect choice for Hermès

From 12 to 29 September the concepts of time and memory in an art installation at the Hermès Store at Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona



Images and Information courtesy of Hermès and http://www.missatlaplaya.com/2012/09/birds-flying-in-the-hermes-store/


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