50s Glamour in “Lady” for Vogue Italia

The latest film project directed by Luca Finotti for Vogue Italia  channels 50’s glamour.

The collaboration between editor Saori Yamamoto, director of photography Damien Krisl, and stylist Beverly Osemwenkhae, has produced a intimate interview between the film stars Laura Catterall as the “Lady,” who keeps a chic and poised composure while answering questions by the media played by actors including Nick Lacy, Philip Muscato, Victor Norlander, Killian Simon, and Ricardo Figueiredo, to name a few.

Laura, styled in a beautiful and simple little black dress and crystal necklace, responds with witty banter and an infectious charm,  reminding one of Marilyn Monroe, in a nostalgic snapshot into the dazzling 50s.

Production by Sebastian Pollin & Nick Lacy. Grooming by Fabio d’ Onofrio. Sound by Artem Kulakov.



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