Weekly Digest

Vogue sticking it to the competition?

The fashion bible has done a number of things over the years, defining style and shaping fashionistas young and old alike. Vogue already hosts the annual Vogue Fashion Night Out when selected stores open their doors late for champagne dancing and sometimes even shopping. But Vogue has even more in store for this year rolling out a number of bits to stay ahead of the competition. In June Miss Vogue will be launched as a free give away with the June edition of the magazine. But that is not enough, the Magazine will soon offer a 10-week Vogue Fashion Certificate or Vogue Fashion Foundation Diploma from the Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design, which arrives in SoHo this April. To top it off, it was announced again, the Vogue Festival 2013 will return to London in April 2013. The event will feature international designers, photographers, models and writers; industry heavyweights such as Victoria Beckham, Mario Testino, Donatella Versace and Alexa Chung have already confirmed. Keep checking www.vogue.co.uk for updates!


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The edge of John Varvatos!

John Varvatos is back with a brand new and sleek website. The American-Greek designer made a name for himself in contemporary high men’s fashion in late 2000. The company has launched an updated its online presence by launching a new website and online store. The Wednesday Agency, also created the likes of Mr. Porter and Alexander McQueen, was able to encapsulate the brands aesthetic while providing an experience that is easy to navigate. The website features a dark and moody aesthetic inspired by the companies retail spaces in SoHo.


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Cashing out? ofKors!

Is it just me or is Michael Kors absence from Project Runway taking a tool on the company? Silas Chou and Lawrence Stroll who purchased 51.9% in 2003 (Sportswear Holdings Ltd) have been slowly cashing out according to public fillings decreasing their share in the company to 15.6%. Kors still holds an impressive $11.1 billion in market capitalisation.


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Gucci going Green

The Italian fashion house, founded in 1921 in Florence Italy, has recently announced a collaboration with the National Wildlife Federation and the Green Carpet Challenge. The project, created by Livia Firth and Lucy Siegle, works to raise awareness for sustainable fashion at red carpet events.

This year, the trip teamed up with Gucci to create a collection of handbags that sources leather from the Brazilian Amazon region by producing zero deforestation. The exclusive collection will hit store in the coming months and can be found at each of the 278 Gucci Boutiques and at www.gucci.com. Gucci will also make a sizable donation to the National Wildlife Federation.


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