Justin Timberlake & Tom Ford: A Match Made In Heaven?

Tom Ford and Justin Timberlake entered into a collaboration for the singers latest album, The 20/20 Experience.

Tom Ford und Justin Timberlake

What do Justin Timberlake and Tom Ford have in common? Their love of fashion and their love for music. Ford recently join Timberlake in the preparation for releasing Timberlake’s latest single “Suit & Tie”, an homage to the fashion industry and Frank Sinatra. Ford not only designed a custom collection of suits including a three-piece suit, a black lapel two-piece tuxedo, an oversized bow tie, leather loafers, and black onyx cufflinks; but also styled the entire video and his tuxedo jacket appears on the cover of the album.

Bringing sexy (suits) back: The designer is name checked in an early scene from Timberlake's new video


“I adore Justin. He has innate style and enormous talent. It has been such a pleasure and honor to work with him throughout this entire creative process.”

Is that Frank? Justin Timberlake does his best Sinatra impersonation in the video for Suit & Tie

This is a serious step-up from Justin’s ‘N SYNC days of poorly-fitted ripstop nylon suits. Many may remember some of Justin’s seriously stylish videos of his second solo album.

For more click here.


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