Roitfeld in time for the Bazaar

It happened in November of 2012, less then a month after the launch of the CR Fashion Book, Carine Roitfeld joined Hearst Magazines as the new global fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar.


Roitfeld, who is also known as fashion’s fairy godmother, was editor of French Vogue until late 2010. Less then two years after her exit at Vogue, Roitfeld started her own publication with Stephen Gan, CR Fashion Book, under the Fashion Media Group LLC umbrella, which also published V, VMan, and Visionaire.

The move to Harper’s Bazaar was somewhat expected. Stephen Gan, one of Roitfeld’s closest friends, is also the creative director of American Harper’s Bazaar. We are exited to see what she will bring to the table at each of the 26 publications of Harper’s Bazaar. Take a look at some of our favorite Carine Roitfeld moments. In this exclusive video for The Cut, Roitfeld notes the strong possibility of working with Gan together again.

Also take a look at her thoughts on What’s Next For Balenciaga:

and her behind the scenes shot for MAC here.

Our favorite video of her to date, Carine Roitfeld as The Client.


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