James Franco’s “The Director”. A declaration of love for Gucci?

James Franco once again proves that he is a man of many talents with the premier of his Fashion Documentary “The Director”. Franco and filmmaker Christina Voros followed the creative mastermind of Gucci, Frida Giannini, for 18-months, providing an in-depth look into the Italian-Powerhouse Gucci.

James Franco The Director 1

“The Director” follows the daily life of Gucci creative director, Frida Giannini, over three seasons. More specifically, the documentary tells the story of the iconic brand under the creative direction of Giannini, exploring her unique vision of the brand, its models, designs and shows.

James Franco The Director 3

Gucci SS 2013

Franco is known to be a multitasker. The actor has appeared in ads and suits (at almost every red carpet event) by Gucci. Apart from his part-time job as the face of Gucci By Gucci, Franco curated an exhibition at the MoMa in 2011 and released a set of short stories (Palo Alto: Stories 2010). He also is currently studying for his Ph.D in English at Yale and taught at the university of Los Angeles during the fall semester 2012/13.

Filmmaker Christina Voros revealed in an in-depth interview with the Huffington Post that the project was brought to her by Franco directly, who had been working with Gucci for a number of years. Together, Franco and Voros were able to document how Giannini evolves the Italian house’s heritage season after season into something new. However, the documentary is not only work, at times providing a very personal view into the private life of the camera-shy creative director.

Christina Voros and James Franco during filming

It has been exactly 4 days since the premier “The Director” at the TriBeCa Film Festival and to say that I am exited would be an understatement. However, I am not sure when to satisfy this excitement as no official release date has been announced. For now we have the trailer.

For more information click here and if you speak German here! Images curtseys of Vogue, Google, GQ and Gucci.


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