The Vogue Festival – Michael Kors

Michael Kors, also known as the embodiment of the American Dream (Fashion Industry wise), snagged the last spot at the end of the first day of the 2013 Vogue Festival. The American Designer was teamed up with former model and muse Yasmin Le Bon to give a retrospective of Kors’ life in the fashion industry at its most fun, most glamorous and craziest. Shulman rightfully introduce the designer as “one of the funniest men in fashion and certainly one of the chattiest.”

The Vogue Festival – Michael Kors & Yasmin Le Bon

The Vogue Festival – Michael Kors & Yasmin Le Bon

Kors was borne in Long Island on the 9th of August 1959 to Joan Krystosek Kors, a former model. His love for fashion began at an early age, more specifically with the second marriage of his mother and her wedding dress. Kors remembered that this moment was pivotal to him, he believed that there “were just too many bows on the dress. [Although] his grandmother disagreed, his mother removed the bows, [and] the dress remained timeless” even though the marriage did not. In his early years, Kors worked as a child model for cereal and utensil companies.

The Vogue Festival – Yasmin Le Bon

The Vogue Festival – Yasmin Le Bon

During the 1970’s, Kors moved to New York to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology, dropping out after only two semesters. He remembers that one of his teachers told him that he needed consumer and real life experiences. As such, in 1978, Kors went to work at the French boutique Lothar’s in New York, which allowed him to discover what consumer really wanted. After a short while he was asked to design and manufacture the clothing for the store while also taking care of merchandising, window displays and selling. Just 3 years after his start at Lothar’s, Kors was invited to Bergdorf Goodman to present a collection; after the end of the presentation he packed up and walked right over to Saks Fifth Avenue and did the same, thus, Michael Kors Women’s Wear collection was launched in May 1981. Since then Kors went through a number of ups-and-downs but has been able to rebound and increase its financial strength.

The Vogue Festival – Michael Kors & Yasmin Le Bon

The Vogue Festival – Michael Kors & Yasmin Le Bon

Kors and Yasmin had selected a set of images from his past and their time together to describe his journey in the American Fashion World. Both narrated the images of his life with hilarious exclamations: ”Can you believe what I looked like?” or “I started out as Macaulay Culkin and then turned into a young Christopher Atkins” or “I remember that show, the celling was falling on the audience and we noticed that it was time to take this serious.” Talking the audience through wardrobe malfunctions since his debut in 1981. Michael Kors has evolved stating that:

“I used to hate it when someone said something was ‘nice’,” he said. “I mean, ‘nice’! I wanted ‘spectacular’! But over the years I have learned that one person thinks sushi is divine and another wants a hamburger. Not everyone wants the same menu.”

Take a look by Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman introduction:


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